A ‘Beauty-ful’ Christmas; NYX & Other Picks

Hello! I realise that I’m a little slow on the uptake since we’re almost half way through January but I thought I may as well share a few updates/reviews on some beauty gifts that I got for Christmas since I was going to to another NYX haul post anyway…

Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit; ‘Diaphane’
Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick; ‘Sandstorm’ & ‘Soft-Spoken’
#4 / #7
Dark, Bold & Smokey brush set
‘Almond’ roll-on shimmer
Dewy finish setting spray / ‘Sex Bom’ eye shadow pallette
Dark, Bold & Smokey brush set

As of yet I haven’t had a chance to use the ‘Sex Bomb’ or ‘Nude on Nude’ eye shadow palettes properly but I literally LOVE everything that I have tried so far! The roll on eye shimmer is the quickest, easiest product to apply to your eyes, ever. It take zero effort (which is a god send as I’m not the best at doing make-up to start with) and the best thing is that it looks amazing either as a subtle day-time look or built up with other products for a heavier, more glamorous eye. I tend to just roll and dab with my finger when I’m in a hurry or use the fattest brush (shown on the far right) to pat and blend, easy, easy, easy. I also love the ‘almond’ colour and intend to purchase more of these in the near future!

The ‘dewy’ setting spray seems to be working great for me as I’m quite active at the minute and don’t really top up my make-up when I’m working so it helps that it stays in place for longer- although if you’re after a real dewy finish, I would not recommend this. I was dubious at first as I would have personally chosen the matte if it wasn’t a gift, due to my oily skin, but it really doesn’t seem to make a difference in that respect.

I actually chose the shades of the suede lip creams myself  and surprise, surprise, they are two fairly neutral shades to add to my collection (not planning to stop this pattern anytime soon either). The pigments are true to what they look like in the tube and again, I love this type of product as they aren’t sticky like the glosses and glide on easily. One little negative is that they need to fully dry otherwise they just slide off when you’re drinking that coffee on a morning.



If you’ve never tried a tangle teaser brush, you’re missing a trick. This particular one by ‘star’, which I believe you can pick up at hair and beauty wholesalers (although you may need a trade card in some cases) is so gentle on my hair even when it’s been in a messy bun and needs a good sorting out. I am still getting used to using the wand on my short hair, not just this one but curling tools in general- if anybody has any tips for styling short hair with a ‘waver’ wand, please share! However, this one is easy to use as far as curling wands go as it has very good heat and safety settings. I was lucky enough to get both of my favourite perfumes for Christmas also, Dior’s ‘Poison Girl’ and YSL’s ‘Black Opium’, although I also received an  extra one which is a variation of the poison variety; ‘Pure Poison’. The first two are very sweet just how I like them and the last is a little more musky which is always nice to change with. The Calvin Klien set came with a thong, boxers and a sports bra and they are just so comfortable but just to warn- these are quite small fitting as I am a size 12 and my sister was advised to buy these in L/XL and they fit nicely so I would at least go for the size up! Last but certainly not least, I’m not going to lie that I was a little bit chuffed when I got two new diaries as I absolutely love being organised, planning, writing and making lists (explains why I chose to do my degree in events management!).

Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know what you think if you got any of this stuff too!

Lauren x

A ‘Beauty-ful’ Christmas; NYX & Other Picks

A Sunday in January; Beach, Dog walking & OOTD

Hi! Since I had the day off work yesterday (Sunday) and the weather was unusually sunny, it would have been rude not to take my dog to the beach, although I was still surprised to see that the place was covered in other dog walkers who had the same idea. I still wrapped up obviously but after 10 minutes I realised I needn’t have bothered!

Puffer jacket- New Look £39.99

Scarf- Top Shop £14.99

Top and jeans- New Look (purchased a while ago)

Converse- Schuh

Bag- New Look £19.99

After having a walk along the beach and trying to get Neo used to the water (he wasn’t having any of it) we headed for a Minchellas for a hot chocolate. From there we headed to the cliff area and Gypsies Green which is also a great place to let your dog run around off the lead as there is a huge area of greenery in between the cliff edges and the road leading to Marsden! Here’s a couple of snaps & thanks for reading.

Lauren x








A Sunday in January; Beach, Dog walking & OOTD