Huawei- Honor 9

Hello, hello! Just a quick little post reviewing the new Huawei Honor 9 in terms of; 1) switching from being a Samsung user, 2) how well it performs for ‘phone-tography’.

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It comes in this lovely, shiny blue colour and sits in the hand comfortably.


So after having a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for around 2 years, it was safe to say that I was in desperate need of an upgrade! It was between the Samsung S7/8 and the Huawei after having a look at the phones in the Three store and assessing the quality of camera as best I could. Like a lot of people, I had never really heard much about the Huawei make and was sceptical of it. I also loved my Samsung. However! I was going through around 30GB/month, making the 30GB Samsung option very expensive at around £60/month! Wayyyy too much for me when I was used to paying a measly £20 for unlimited for the past two years- and so I considered the Huawei Honor 9 which was brand new in the shops that week.


After doing some reseach myself, I have realised that they are actually very decent phones and can rival any of the leading phones on the market, particularly for the value for money aspect. These phones tend to be cheaper for the same deals, simply because they are not very well known to the majority, although I am very happy with my purchase and glad that I took a chance!


Not going to lie- the most important element of the phone to me was the camera. As someone that loves to take photographs, I find myself lugging a digital camera around with me in my bag quite often and so I needed something that I could capture good quality snaps, at my convenience. Obviously I went and tested the camera out as soon as I could so here are a few examples of the quality outdoors at the sea front;




The camera comes with some extra features too, such as moving pictures and automatic background blur in portrait mode.


I have had the phone around 3 weeks now and have only been able to find one phone case on Ebay to protect it from getting scratched in my bag and slipping out of my hand etc. and the phone shops don’t even sell them as far as I’m aware. Similarly, when I needed a spare charging lead I found out that there are two different versions of the lead and the gaming/electrical shops didn’t even sell them!

Aside from this, I am one very happy snapper with my Huawei and would recommend to anybody looking for something a little different to the more popular choices!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think if you have this phone too (as I don’t know anybody else with one, ha!)

Lauren x

Huawei- Honor 9