Bravura London for Facial Scarring.

Heyyy, I thought I would let you know my first impressions on the skin company ‘Bravura London’ that specializes in treatments such as chemical peel solutions. This brand was recommended to me when I asked if anybody had any tips to get rid of facial scarring that has built up over the past eight years or so for me personally (photos below with and with and without makeup). As you can see, I need more than a little exfoliation! I had never heard of Bravura at first and then after some research on their Facebook page and the website that I will link below, it was not hard to find many good reviews, ‘before and after’ photos, as well as a whole bunch of celebrities that can testify the benefits to using these products. It’s fair to say that I was quickly persuaded and purchased two bottles of the acids; glycolic (2%) and salicylic (10%) and an application brush. Coming to a total of just over £20, I thought this was simply amazing value for money if they actually work, and I have previously paid £100 for six sessions of chemical peels and I believe that this is the same product they used but in a smaller concentrate.


So after reading through the instructions and advice provided with the products, I have alternated between the two chemicals every other day and have repeated this 3 times so far, concentrating on the areas with the deepest scars for now. The liquid resembles a watery gel which is easy to apply and is pain free except a little tingle in certain areas, which is just a very slight itchy sensation. I haven’t experienced any after effects except a tiny patch of dry skin which didn’t even show under my makeup and although I’ve only used the products a handful of times, I can already see a small difference in my skin so I will be definitely be continuing with my routine. So far, so good for Bravura London and hopefully this will be the solution that will give me the confidence to go out without any foundation on once in a while! Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products and what you think?

Thanks for reading!

Lauren x


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Bravura London for Facial Scarring.


Hi ! I’ve been seeing coffee scrubs posted all over Instagram and Pinterest for a while now, and have been wanting to try it out myself as it claims to have positive effects on scars, acne and cellulite (let’s not judge until we’ve tried it). Obviously I don’t expect it to work miracles but after researching the the individual purposes of the ingredients I can understand why it is supposed to work;

ground coffee– for reducing any swelling and redness and has toning properties

sugar– for exfoliation which increases blood flow

extra virgin olive oil– an excellent moisturiser

cinnamon– just smells lush.

You can change the amount of each ingredient you use, depending on how exfoliating/moisturising/thick  you want your scrub. I used; 3 heaped tsps of coffee, 3 tsps sugar, 2 tsps cinnamon and about 3 ‘glugs’ of olive oil and then realised this wasn’t enough when it came to applying, so make sure you don’t skimp if you want to keep the skin on your face !

I was going to have a shower while this was on my face anyway and got a little carried away, applying it to my whole body. It felt a little strange at first but after getting used to the sensation it was a lovely experience, especially on the harder areas like elbws! I now get why this is good for blood circulation and reducing cellulite as the scrub feels quite spikey but nice and I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was afterwards. I know some people use this on damaged hair so I may as well give this a try too and let you know 🙂


Overall, I would probably make this again if I was having a good pamper session, its quick, cheap and easy to make and the only con for me personally was all of the cleaning up afterwards (I got it up the walls and everything)! Thanks for reading-

Lauren x








Hello! Thought I’d share this quick, easy and very affordable idea to jazz up your bedroom/living room, by adding some feather boas to a lamp or light shade you already own. The method that I am going to show you is also reversible! I’ve done this several times now when my bedroom needed a little change-up and whenever I fancy changing it back, I have my lamp back to normal so it’s sort of like having two-in-one.



I ordered my 1.5 meter feather boas from Ebay for around £1 each and two of these covered my lamp shade (25cm in diameter) that was purchased last year from B&M, perfectly. I think you can purchase the pins from places like Wilkinsons or maybe even the pound shop!

Lets get started…

Firstly, take the end of your feather boa and stick the pin through the rope that holds the feathers together. After this, stick the pin through the shade with the feathers still attached.


That’s basically all there is to it! Leave around a couple of inches until you pin the next section on and just keep on pinning the boa around the circumference of the shade and you should end up spiralling down (if you started at the top) until your length runs out. You then just pick up where you left off and start on your second boa and could add more if you wanted an extra thick look or if you are using a larger shade.


Remember- the pins do not leave noticeable marks so its fine if you have to shuffle them about or decide you don’t like it/want to change it back. I think this is the best- and possibly the safest method as the heat from the light may melt the glue if you were to use a glue gun. Also, it’s just so quick with the pins, it literally took me about 5 minutes!


And there you have it! Thanks for reading my first post! 🙂

Lauren x