City Travelling & OOTD’s

Hello! So last week I turned 25, travelled to some cities I’ve never been to and also accepted a new job…well they do say that good things come in 3’s, right? I just thought I’d share the experience in case you were thinking of going or something, as well as a peek of the outfits I purhcased/wore along the way. In my previous posts I think my OOTD’s have consisted of New Look taking up the majority of my outfits, however since I am moving on from the company I will also say bye bye to my half price discount as well, meaning that I will probably be mixing up my brands a little more, haha!

It was just me and my sister, Tammy on the ‘National Holidays’ trip as I have made a ‘thing’ of going away for my birthdays since hitting my twenties (burying my head in the sand, basically) and this time we had four days to explore Chester and Liverpool, whilst staying in a hotel in Didsbury, Manchester. This all came as a bit of a surprise to be honest, as the website claimed that we would be staying in Liverpool and having an excursion to Chester but we had a good time all the same. Just beware if you are booking with National Holidays that sometimes it is all kept very much a mystery until you actually get there, especially if you have you heart set on somewhere in particular, but that being said- there pakacges are SO worth the money!

The highlights of the trip for me personally was;

  • the most amazing burger, fries & slaw I have ever had in my life at ‘Hickory’s Smokehouse’ in Chester (located on the river side next to the cruise boats)
  • Chester park, which was absolutley beautiful (even if I did get attacked by a squirell!)
  • Liverpool in general, I just love that city and all its culture

I actually put together my first YouTube vlog as well so instead of putting photos on here, you can have a little cringe at my video instead, haha! Thanks for reading/watching, let me know what you think!

Lauren x

City Travelling & OOTD’s


Hi ! I’ve been seeing coffee scrubs posted all over Instagram and Pinterest for a while now, and have been wanting to try it out myself as it claims to have positive effects on scars, acne and cellulite (let’s not judge until we’ve tried it). Obviously I don’t expect it to work miracles but after researching the the individual purposes of the ingredients I can understand why it is supposed to work;

ground coffee– for reducing any swelling and redness and has toning properties

sugar– for exfoliation which increases blood flow

extra virgin olive oil– an excellent moisturiser

cinnamon– because it smells so damn good.

You can change the amount of each ingredient you use, depending on how exfoliating/moisturising/thick  you want your scrub. I used; 3 heaped tsps of coffee, 3 tsps sugar, 2 tsps cinnamon and about 3 ‘glugs’ of olive oil and then realised this wasn’t enough when it came to applying, so make sure you don’t skimp if you want to keep the skin on your face !

I was going to have a shower while this was on my face anyway and got a little carried away, applying it to my whole body. It felt a little strange at first but after getting used to the sensation it was a lovely experience, especially on the elbows and legs I found! I now get why this is good for blood circulation and reducing cellulite (along with healthy eating and exercise of course-maybe I should work on those first…)  as the scrub feels quite spikey but nice and I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was- reaaally soft. I know some people use this on damaged hair so I may as well give this a try too at a later date!


Overall, I would probably make this again if I was having a good pamper session, its quick, cheap and easy to make and the only con for me personally was all of the cleaning up afterwards (I got it up the walls and everything)! Thanks for reading-

Lauren x








Hello! Thought I’d share this quick, easy and very affordable idea to jazz up your bedroom/living room (anywhere tbh), by adding some feather boas to a lamp or light shade you already own…best thing is- it’s reversible! I’ve done this several times now when my bedroom needed a little change-up and whenever I fancy changing it back, I have my lamp back to normal so it’s sort of like having two-in-one.



I ordered my 1.5 meter feather boas from Ebay for around £1 each and two of these covered my lamp shade (25cm in diameter) that was purchased last year from B&M, perfectly. I think you can purchase the pins from places like Wilkinsons or maybe even the pound shop!

Lets get started…

Firstly, take the end of your feather boa and stick the pin through the rope that holds the feathers together. After this, stick the pin through the shade with the feathers still attached.


That’s basically all there is to it! Leave around a couple of inches until you pin the next section on and just keep on pinning the boa around the circumference of the shade and you should end up spiralling down (if you started at the top) until your length runs out. You then just pick up where you left off and start on your second boa and could add more if you wanted an extra thick look or if you are using a larger shade.


Remember- the pins do not leave noticeable marks so its fine if you have to shuffle them about or decide you don’t like it/want to change it back. I think this is the best- and possibly the safest method as the heat from the light may melt the glue if you were to use a glue gun. Also, it’s just so quick with the pins, it literally took me about 5 minutes!


And there you have it! Thanks for reading my first post! 🙂

Lauren x