Rhodes in Outfits

Hello & welcome to a very photograph-heavy post of ootd’s from my trip to Rhodes in Greece this October. The weather was lovely – around 25-30 degrees, which was perfect for me and my pasty British complexion but I had brought a mixture of clothes with me really. Does anybody else just end up wearing the same thing over and over when they’re on holiday, as I think I lived in cullottes? Most of the items were purchased in the summer time, although the shops still have the same or very similar items in still so I have tried to list everything. Just some ideas incase you were visiting Greece at this time of year. Enjoy 🙂

Black Cullottes – New Look £12.99

Burgundy Bardot Top – New Look £15.99

Shades – New Look £7.99

‘Camera’ style bag – New Look £8 (sale)

Trainers – Topshop £12 (sale)


Black long sleeve stretchy top – Zara £9.99

Back pack – New Look £24.99


Denim midi skirt with belt – Primark £12

Sandals – Asos £11 (sale)

Layered gold necklce – H&M £9.99


Aztec print kimino – Primark (this one is from a while ago – not sure of how much)

Nude bodysuit – Asos £9.99

Nude pink cullottes – New Look £12.99

Gladiator sandals – 30 euro purchased in Greece as I had a blister!


P.S. All photos were taken on my Huawei phone camera 🙂

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Rhodes in Outfits

Highstreet Haul; May 2017

Hello again! Here are a few items I purchased this month from high street stores from several cities in the UK around the time of my birthday earlier this month, which you can read here.

Black Ripped Skinny Jeans- New Look £35.99

‘Ripped Knee Skinny Shaper Jeans’ as they’re called on the website. They come in a variety of styles and colours and are the more premium option. Comparing them with the high waisted disco ‘Hallie’ jeans that I usually go for, I think they keep their colour for longer and the material is slightly thicker so I think these might be my new favourite ‘go-to’ jeans.

Western Belt- River Island £10

White Flare Sleeve Top- H&M £17.99 

I think they have this in more than one colour but I chose the white, which I think will be great for my holidays later in the year and the summer season here in the UK as it is sheer and has a lace insert at the back (which also makes me want to get my tattoo corrected!).


Pink Metallic Biker Jacket- New Look £39.99

Okay so, I love all things metallic at the minute and actually purchased a metallic leather bag whie I was away too, also from New Look, which I unfortatley deleted the photos of, but you can check it out on my instagram if you’re interested. Anyway, the material of this jacket is SO soft and confortable to wear. I purchased a size 14 which is a size above my usual and I always do this with biker jackets as I hate feeling restricted and stuffed- up if you know what I mean! The colour is amazing and actually goes with quite a lot of things that I already have and makes me feel rather summery, which is rare for me as I seem to live in black & white!

IMG_20170503_131348 - Copy


Blue and White Striped Shirt- H&M £22.99 (I think)

This shirt actually goes down to my thighs but I specifically purchased this because of the length so that I could tie it in a knot at the front. I like versatile piece because it could be worn for work/ formal occasion as well as doubling up as a geat summer piece when worn like this below. One little downside, the creasing is quite annoying but I think that comes with the territory of being a blousy/shirt type person!




Black Lace-Up Vest- H&M £7.99

Simple, good quality to for the price and goes with anything!



Gingham Top- Primark £12.99 (or there abouts!)

Everyone that asked about this top could not believe that it was from Primark as it has that sort of Top Shop-py sort of feel to it. Very good material for the price and I’m not really too bothered about what is ”on-trend” as I just buy what I like, but this top is literally bang on for this spring/summer. With cold shoulders and a tie front, I think it makes it a little more dressy and could be worn both day and night.


Limited Edition Croc Effect Boots- River Island £38 (above)

Small Heel Caged Sandals- New Look £22.99 (below)

Bag- Stadavarius £7.99 

This bag is literally huge when it is filled and can fit SO much in! New travel bag I’m thinking…


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Highstreet Haul; May 2017

A Sunday in January; Beach, Dog walking & OOTD

Hi! Since I had the day off work yesterday (Sunday) and the weather was unusually sunny, it would have been rude not to take my dog to the beach, although I was still surprised to see that the place was covered in other dog walkers who had the same idea. I still wrapped up obviously but after 10 minutes I realised I needn’t have bothered!

Puffer jacket- New Look £39.99

Scarf- Top Shop £14.99

Top and jeans- New Look (purchased a while ago)

Converse- Schuh

Bag- New Look £19.99

After having a walk along the beach and trying to get Neo used to the water (he wasn’t having any of it) we headed for a Minchellas for a hot chocolate. From there we headed to the cliff area and Gypsies Green which is also a great place to let your dog run around off the lead as there is a huge area of greenery in between the cliff edges and the road leading to Marsden! Here’s a couple of snaps & thanks for reading.

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A Sunday in January; Beach, Dog walking & OOTD